HOUSE. is an arts centered, donation driven, property sharing project, where we buy property in full, and open it to the public, for the sharing of ART & IDEAS, while housing artists from around the world.

What does this mean? It means that WE, that includes YOU, , are buying a house together!  We’re filling it full of art, and artists, and opening it up to the public on weekends. Simple as that. Even if you only chip in one dollar, you’re still involved, and invited to visit.

We’re putting it into a perpetual trust, so it will be always be there for you, your friends, kids, grandkids, and friends yet to be, to experience art, and maybe even stay the night. (via our group).  And here’s the fun part, we’re creating an art trail, through the house, and up & down the hill, with art, artists, and beverages & snacks along the way. 100% non commercial & donation driven.

All this in the very center of the amazingly beautiful mountain town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, between Philadelphia and New York.

Imagine that this house, in the center of town, won’t ever be bought and sold for a profit, or mortgaged for a profit, or foreclosed upon, or be someone’s private domain . It will be forever devoted to art and ideas, and open, like an indoor/outdoor public space, a safe house for artists and art lovers from around the world. And like a church, there’ll be no commerce within these walls.

By participating in this bold experiment, we’ll be making a huge statement about ownership, commerce, sharing, and what’s truly important in our lives. In this project, we hope to democratize and socialize art, through our most ubiquitous asset, a simple house. We’ll show what’s possible if we all get together to question and change the way we do things, to share, and  trust in the goodness of people to share in return.

Imagine that we might inspire others to buy a house, and devote it to art, to community. There could someday be many other art houses, forever safe havens for art and new ideas.

If this intrigues or inspires you, give what you can. It doesn’t matter how much, but in order to make this happen, please personally ask your friends to join us too. An  email, a facebook share, texts to friends,  with something as simple as ” Hey, I was inspired by this project, I gave what I could, and I think you  might find it inspiring too.”. will guarantee our success. If you ask others to spread the word, this will happen.

Click on the “donate” button at the bottom of any page, or go directly to our Indiegogo campaign funding site at:

Please leave a comment below as to why you feel inspired to give to our project. Leave a video comment, if you like. Just hit the record button, give permission to use the cam on your laptop or smartphone, and record!  (all comments and videos are on a private server,  not youtube, etc..) Don’t worry, you can practise, your video will not be posted until you hit the “agree” button. We’ll compile the clips into a short film.




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