100% of all donations of money to HOUSE..  will be put toward the purchase, taxes, and legal costs related to the purchase, up to $29,000. All money donated thereafter will be allocated to physical improvements, upgrades,  and current carrying expenses such as property taxes. We will strive to be as transparent as possible, with regular updates on this site.

Why do we choose to be non commercial and be crowd-sourced funded?  Well, it just makes financial sense. Our $29,000. property  with a typical 30 year mortgage would end up costing us twice as much. And of course, the message we send by being entirely donation driven is large in our minds.

Although house will be owned free and clear, without a mortgage, we will still have other expenses such as taxes, insurance, and maintenance. These expenses, although minimal, currently at $670./month, (140./taxes, 50./insurance., 400./maintenance., and 80./utilities), will be paid from donations from visitors, for house tours, overnight stays, beverages light snacks, and “art to go”.

A simple business plan has been prepared reflecting these basic financials, and potential growth.

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