HOUSE. is a turn of the century, 3 story, 4 bedroom house on 3 lots. It is mostly unrestored, with a good roof, windows, and solid structure.  When we moved in, it was unstable, and a bit intimidating.  But now, after some volunteer work,  it’s like an  improved cabin or lodge, with a toilet, sink, old clawfoot tub, and old kitchen farm sink. No hot water yet, or heat throughout, except for the cozy wood burning stove just installed…(we’re a 3 season house anyway). Only basic electric. Lots’ of nice woodwork, a bit of stained glass, and a 21 foot raised porch overlooking the parade of people passing by. The land goes to the top of the hill from Race St. to appropriately named High St. It’s a steep hillside, formerly with other houses, now beautiful stone terraces, some of which need replacement or repair. Trees are overgrown and plenty of landscaping to do. Lots of muscle and shovel work needed to create a switchback trail up and down the hillside.

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