This project started with a question…what can we do with this house old house? It was a given that art would play a central role, as it does for us and our friends in our everyday lives.  But how to buy it, and finance the construction to fix it up?  Of course we thought about conventional financing, and renting out space, charging for admission, goods and services. But a business, or a property investment, with a financial payoff was not as important to us as an investment in community and art,  the payoff of goodwill we might get , and the message we might send, if we were successful in a donation only format. As time went on, we realized we really should just keep it simple, live in the house, do our art,  invite other artists to stay, and invite people in to visit on weekends. The purchase price seemed low enough that crowdsource funding, (an all donation format), seemed possible. If we could inspire friends and strangers in the idea of our art  & property sharing concept, and the experience of visiting,  we saw this as having the potential of sparking something large, from a simple platform, a simple house.

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art house. forever.